Image boards are constantly being updated as I think about the color, tone, emotion, and details in the end product. Both the still imagery and motion cinematic sequences should have consistency in their characteristics and style, and present the product in a compelling manner.
Initial front Iterations of various body components, including wide fenders, custom lighting system, and new intake designs. Decrease of bumper clearance to ground with body panel extensions and splitter, giving the car a lower appearance and more aggressive stance. Considering to physically drop the suspension height as well for an even lower center of gravity. 
Sketch iterations of the rear kit design, complete with body panel shaping paired with component design, experimental paint finishes, and lighting design with scenario sequencing. Thinking of ways to embrace aerodynamics through the car's form to make it a little lighter. Considering Organic LED (OLED) or Micro LED technology for rear lights to create crisp shapes, colors, gradients, and possibly animations.
Lighting Sequences aim to display all exterior lighting within light and dark environments.
Order Of Events: Unlock, Idle, Brake & Start Ignition, Activate Hazards, Brake & Engage Reverse, Deactivate Hazards, Park, Idle, Lock
Modeling OEM vehicle from scratch to understand the design decisions behind the form. Close analysis of reference images and photographs (blueprints unavailable) is done to create a meticulously accurate representation of the form language of Polestar 1, before making personal adjustments.
A rough lighting study of the front end with a placeholder grille design.