Duration: 5 Weeks · Project Type: individual
I set out to understand every millimeter of the watch, and built the 44MM sized model in CAD software based off of Apple's own accessory design guidelines, observations from spending time with the actual device, and examining many reference images.
One of the most beautiful moments in the Apple Watch's form is the continuity of curvatures. This makes the device feel less like a rectangular slab and more like a smooth, solid pebble. The final form has few interruptions in the surfacing to integrate negative space for the strap connection and technical components.
The transitions from one planar face to another planar face are not circular, but elliptical. The curvature length varies along the corner radii as well. This means there are perfect transitions from one face to the next. ​​​​​​​To help me understand this better visually, I divided the CAD model into sections to identify how all the shapes relate to one another.
This, in combination with my orthographic studies and references, informed my form study prototype handmade in in polyurethane foam, complete with a rotating digital crown element.
To examine the perfect surfacing further and see the device in a new light, I did a small material study. What if the watch kept its sleek design but introduced itself with a more colorful presence?​​​​​​​
I retouched the device with a fine sandblasted and polished ceramic case, brushed metal on the heart rate sensor assembly, and a vibrant color with accent inlays.